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German Embassy and  ProCredit Bank Agreement


The agreement -signed between Banco ProCredit Ecuador and the German Embassy - seeks to facilitate the opening of special accounts for Ecuadorians who wish to study in Germany.We are the only bank nationwide authorized to carry out this process.


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The agreement - signed between Banco ProCredit Ecuador and the German Embassy - facilitates the opening of an account for Ecuadorians who apply for a national visa for Germany, through which the maintenance of the applicant during a prolonged stay in Germany is guaranteed. It is an individual account or with two holders (The person who will travel abroad and the guardian who will remain in Ecuador).
To open an account, the holders must present supporting documents that will depend on each case, and the process will be carried out with an advisor from Banco ProCredit.
The holders will deposit the funds required by the Embassy in the account and later they must request the special certificate through the Mobile APP or Direct Banking.
The Bank sends a blocking letter of funds, which must be signed and sent by one of the holders, and in the following 72 hours, the certificate that is presented to the Embassy is uploaded to the e-platform. banking (Direct Banking) or sent to email (Mobile APP).

1. Account creation: Open your account by sending an email to or by calling 1 800 100 400.

2. Funds deposit: Deposit in your new account the total amount requested by the embassy.

3. Blocking of funds and generation of the certificate: Request the special certificate through our App and receive it in 72 business hours in your email.

4. Unlock Funds: When you are in Germany, request the release of funds at, attaching your certificate of enrollment and/or class attendance.

The account opening is free of charge. However, the costs for banking services must be considered. (Current Rate).

The entire process can take up to 5 business days, as long as the account holders meet the established requirements (as the case may be).

No. The entire process is done through electronic channels. It should be noted that this includes a virtual meeting with the Banco ProCredit advisor and in which both holders must be present.

The minimum requirements for opening an account are:
– Linking form
– Identity document (IDs and passport of the holder and/or holders)
– Support of economic activity of the origin of funds (Roll of payments, RUC and income and VAT declarations, account statements, credit amortization table, etc.)
– Basic services sheet
– Acceptance letter from the Educational Center in case of studies.
– If necessary, additional documents may be requested.

It will depend on what is established by the German Embassy and the length of stay outside the country.

Of course, considering the funds available in your account, that is values ​​that are not blocked. It should be noted that the agreed amount in dollars will be unlocked on a monthly basis.
Remember that you can also receive international transfers in your Banco ProCredit account, indicating your daily account number and the swift code from our bank.

No, only the amount established by the German Embassy and agreed in the blocking letter and certificate will be blocked. The surplus will remain available and can be managed at your disposal.

The client can request the release of funds as soon as they have their enrollment certificate, or class attendance certificate or entry stamp to Europe, however, the release will be done automatically until the 3rd day of the following month, Ecuadorian time.
To start unlocking, the customer must send these documents in PDF format from their registered email to the email

This will depend on each immigration office. In the event that a new blocking of funds is requested, the client must make the request through their Direct Banking or Mobile APP in special certificates and an advisor will contact them to validate the case.

There are two types of valid certificates:
The certificate in Spanish and German, which is granted when the client requests the blocking of funds.
The special certificate in English or German that is issued in specific cases and may have additional information to the certificate in Spanish and German.

Depending on the means used to make the request, you will be able to find the certificate. If you do it through your Direct Banking, the certificate will be found in the e-banking message box. (

Below is the step by step to make national transfers from your App anywhere in the world: “National transfers in App” If you are going to make an international transfer in euros, you must call the customer service line 1-800-100-400.


 How to have a blocked account and the certificate for the embassy?

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1.Account creation


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2. Deposit of funds

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3.Block funds

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4. Generation of the certificate

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