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General tips from Security

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Generation and use of Passwords

The main recommendation is to use a password of at least 8 characters, combining letters, numbers and capital letters.

This password must be changed periodically, at least every 3 months

Don't use the same password for other services or applications, as this decreases the risk of it being discovered by cybercriminals

We recommend you store your passwords in a vault that can be downloaded on smartphones.

If you need to share a password, do not send it through messaging applications

General concepts about Cyber ​​Attacks


Cyber-attack: Offensive action directed at infrastructures, devices or computer networks.

malware: Unwanted software installed on a system without the user's consent. Attacks through an existing vulnerability.

Ransomware: Malware that holds your data hostage waiting for a ransom to be paid.

Phishing: A social engineering computer attack that uses digital means of communication, such as email, to deceive and defraud people.

Spoofing: A cybercriminal poses as a trusted source to access data or commit other crimes online.