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Forget about the lines and the paperwork!


At Banco ProCredit you can make national and international transfers, at any time and from anywhere.

National transfers

Transfer your money within Ecuador through our digital channels easily and safely. Watch the following videos that will guide you through the process.

International transfers

Banco ProCredit offers you the possibility of sending and receiving money from abroad from your cell phone or computer, with the best fixed rate in the market. We're your best option.

Enter your app, transfers section > International transfers and follow the steps. Remember that it can take up to 72 business hours to send the money. If after this time the transfer was not credited, contact 1800 100 400 (telephone banking) or 1800 100 999 (business banking) to validate the reasons for the delay.

Thanks to the agreement that Banco ProCredit Germany has with other banks in the European Union, we will guarantee you a fixed contribution rate and an exact final amount of your transfer.

Doing it is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:  

1. Send an email to asking the rate of the euro. (Rates are updated daily)

2. Download and fill the transfer form in euros.

- Instructions transfers

- transfer formnwhoa

3. Send the form before 2:00 pm to the mail: 

To make a transfer exempt from the Foreign Currency Outflow Tax (ISD), you must send an email a or to attaching the following documents: 

– Exempt international transfer form. Download Here.

– ISD exemption form issued from the SRI website (This form must be filled out in DOLLARS, which will be the amount to be debited from the account). Example: If you want to transfer $1.000, the form must be filled in for USD 1.000. 

– Exception resolution document issued by the SRI.

– Copy of legible ID.

If you want to know the details about the ISD, we invite you to consult directly on the page of the SRI 

To receive a transfer from abroad you must indicate the Swift code of the Bank ProCredit Ecuador. In some cases you will also be asked for the code of the intermediary bank, which corresponds to our headquarters in Germany. You can find these data: Here

Keep in mind


The maximum crediting period for a transfer is 72 business hours. If the crediting time exceeds this period, please contact us at 1800 100 400 (Personal Banking) or 1800 100 999 (Business Banking)

Banco ProCredit offers you the most convenient rates in the market for international transfers. Know our rate: Here

Review the information on the Foreign Currency Outflow Tax (ISD). Here.

Tips for creating international transfers


What is the SWIFT code?

What is the IBAN?

How to enter additional information in your international transfers?

What data do you need to make an international transfer?

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